Oliver Currie

Oliver Currie is an assistant professor in the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has research interests in the fields of historical linguistics, sociolinguistics and translation studies, with a focus on Welsh, English and French. His recent and current research includes work on word order variation and change in Welsh, the sixteenth century Welsh Bible translations, national myths and language status in early modern Wales and Brittany as well as on language controversies surrounding the collection and translation of folktales in the nineteenth century. He did a BA in Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic and Modern and Medieval Languages then an MPhil Linguistics at the University of Cambridge and completed his PhD in Linguistics at the University of Ljubljana on the development of verb-initial word order in Early Modern Welsh.

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University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Faculty of Arts, Department of English and American Studies


My research interests include historical linguistics (syntactic/word order change, language standardization), sociolinguistics (individual variation, sociolinguistic style and literary style), language and cultural contact (national myths, language ideologies and language status), translation studies (early modern Bible translations, the translation of folktales) with a focus on the Celtic languages (especially Welsh), English and French


Individual style as a factor in syntactic variation and change
Oliver Currie


Aspects of Morpholosyntactical Variation V
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