Towards a framework for the comparative study of minority language standardization
2022-04-12, 11:30–12:00 (Europe/Vienna), Room 1

In recent years, comparative standardology has begun to pay more attention to the standardization of minority languages. Research reveals that the century-long standardization processes that have marked Europe’s state languages sometimes considerably differ from the standardization processes of minority languages that are not a state language elsewhere. Research also indicates that, because of the particular nature of minority language standardization, Haugen’s still inspiring four-step model has the disadvantage of presenting itself as too much of a straightjacket to discuss the interactions between more linguistic and more social aspects of contemporary minority language standardization in an adequate way. The model is also not really suited to be of practical assistance to minority language communities aiming at reversing language shift and wishing to (further) engage in and/or to refine or reconsider (certain aspects of) the standardization process as part of that overall aim. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to present a more flexible framework to describe and discuss minority language standardization processes. In doing so, partial answers will be provided to key questions 1 and 2 raised by the panel organizers.

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European standard language culture. Comparative standardology in the 21s century: theoretical and methodological challenges


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