Ariana Bancu

I am an assistant professor at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, USA. My research interests are in the areas of Language Contact, Multilingualism, Language Variation and Change, Grammatical Transfer, Documentation of Endangered Languages. I explore theoretical questions related to grammatical transfer and to factors influencing transfer in cases of trilingualism. I work with a community of Transylvanian Saxon speakers, an endangered Germanic language from Romania. I draw on methodologies from language contact and variationist sociolinguistics to explore: - How the dominant language in a community affects changes in the minority language - Whether the same contact-induced transfer phenomena occur in different sociolinguistic settings - The factors that influence the directionality of transfer (e.g. typological similarities, language dominance)


Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL, USA


language contact, language variation and change, language documentation


Category-specific conjunctions in a European minority language
Ariana Bancu, Sara Arndt

Aspects of Morpholosyntactical Variation II
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