Azler Garcia

While doing my BA in English Studies at the Univeristy of the Basque Country (Spain), I interned for the research group The Bilingual Mind, where I specialised in experimental design and language processing. I completed my MA in Linguistics at Leiden University (The Netherlands), where I was an assistant at the Sociolinguistic Series talks. There, I received extensive trainig in sociolinguistics, language variation, and data-gathering methods. I am now a PhD student at the Department Linguistics and Basque Studies at the Univeristy of the Basque Country, and I focus on how language attitudes and the degree of language contact may influence dialect levelling in Western Basque.

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University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)


Sociolinguistics, language variation, phonology, language attitudes, accommodation


Social correlates of variation in a rural Basque town: Investigating Regional Dialect Levelling and language attitudes
Azler Garcia

Sounds of Variation I
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