Rafael Orozco

Professor of Linguistics and Spanish; Director of Louisiana State University’s Interdepartmental Linguistics Program. Scholarly interests include sociolinguistics with emphases on language variation and change in Latin American Spanish, and Spanish in the United States. His research studies the factors that condition language variation including the effects of language contact —mainly with English— and dialectal contact on Latin American Spanish. Recent work explores the idiosyncratic lexical effects of the verb on personal pronoun expression. Has delivered presentations in the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and South America. Author of Spanish in Colombia & New York City: Language Contact Meets Dialectal Convergence (John Benjamins, 2018); editor of New Directions in Hispanic Linguistics (Cambridge Scholars, 2014); coeditor of Subject Pronoun Expression in Spanish: A Cross-Dialectal Perspective (Georgetown, 2015). His work has appeared in several edited collections and in journals such as Spanish in Context, Hispania, and Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics.

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Louisiana State University


Spanish, language contact, language variation and change


Beyond Verb Type: The Effect of the Verb on Subject Pronoun Expression
Rafael Orozco


Panel: Cross-language approaches to null subjects
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