Anne-Sophie Ghyselen

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the linguistics department of Ghent University. My research focuses on language variation and change in the Dutch language area, generally adopting a quantitative, multivariate, sociolinguistic perspective and integrating both production and perception data. My PhD dissertation (Ghent University, 2016) addressed the question how spoken Dutch in Flanders – with its wide diversity of dialects, standard language and intermediate language varieties – is structured and how it is evolving. As postdoctoral assistant at Ghent University (2016-2019), I further explored the question of linguistic systematicity and I started working on the development of ‘a parsed corpus of spoken Dutch dialects’ (with Anne Breitbarth, Jacques Van Keymeulen and Melissa Farasyn). From 1 October 2019 onwards, I am running a project, funded by the Flemish Research Foundation (senior postdoctoral fellowship, host institutions: Ghent University and KULeuven), comparing covariance patterns in spoken Surinamese and Belgian Dutch, to test the validity of theoretical models characterising language communities on the basis of the presence or absence of systematic covariance. Since October 2019, I am also co-supervising the concerted research project Productivity@work.


Research Foundation Flanders / Ghent University


Identifying ‘varieties’ of Dutch: theory, methods, and perspectives
Anne-Sophie Ghyselen, Gunther De Vogelaer

Panel: Inter-varietal distinctiveness: How to distinguish and structure varieties
Room 1