Chiara Meluzzi

I am currently a Post Doc and contract professor at University of Pavia, where I teach 'Phonetics and Phonology' for the MA in Linguistics.
I'm the team leader of the project CoLIMBi (Corpus of Language, Identity and Migration in Biella) which involves many of my former and actual students, together with schools and institutions in Biella (Italy).
My main research interests involve sociophonetics, language variation and change, and sociopragmatics.

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University of Pavia


sociophonetics; pragmatics; sociolinguistics; language variation and change; dialectology


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Thomas Schmidt, Hans Van de Velde, Maria Flaksman, Eline Zenner, Péter Jeszenszky, Melissa Schuring, Jan Gorisch, Adrian Leemann, Melanie Studerus, Carina Steiner, Sandra Widmer Beierlein, Nantke Pecht, Robert Lange, Gintare Gelunaite-Malinauskiene, Maike Rocker, Christine Graeppi, Maggie Bullock, Francesca Nicora, Agnes Kim, Lorea Unamuno, Bianca Sell, Ljubica Leone, Martin Fuchs, Chiara Meluzzi, Christian Paga, Anca Bibiri, Gorka Basterretxea Santiso, Berta Badia-Barrera, Wilbert Heeringa, Raoul Buurke, Anne-France Pinget, Cesko Voeten, Mihaela Mocanu, Paz González, Maria Schinko, Lea Bauernfeind

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Room 1
Internal migrations and linguistic stereotypes in Italian schoolchildren
Chiara Meluzzi

Attitudes I
Room 6
Sociolinguistic variation of the MOUTH diphthong in two Irish English varieties
Francesca Nicora, Chiara Meluzzi
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