Karen V. Beaman

Karen V. Beaman is a lecturer and post-doctoral fellow in the Quantitative Linguistics department at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, situated at the heart of her research site. Her primary research interests concern language variation, coherence and change in both apparent-time and real-time, with particular focus on how factors of identity, mobility and social networks drive or inhibit change. Her Ph.D. thesis was a comparative sociolinguistic study of Swabian, a dialect spoken in southwestern Germany, which combines a 35-year panel study with a four-generation trend study, investigating linguistic change across the community, as well as within the individual. She is also co-editor of three volumes published by Routledge: The Coherence of Linguistic Communities: Orderly Heterogeneity and Social Meaning (2022) (co-editor with Gregory R. Guy), Advancing Socio-Grammatical Variation: Sociolinguistic Research in Honour of Jenny Cheshire (2021) (co-editor with Isabelle Buchstaller, Sue Fox and James A. Walker), and Language Variation and Change across the Lifespan: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives from Panel Studies (2021) (co-editor with Isabelle Buchstaller).

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Queen Mary University of London / University of Tübingen


sociolinguistics, language variation and change


“wenn Ø bloß Schwäbisch kãsch” / ‘if you can only speak Swabian’: Null subjects in real- and apparent-time
Karen V. Beaman


Panel: Cross-language approaches to null subjects
Room 3
Cross-language approaches to null subjects
Karen V. Beaman, Gregory R. Guy


Panel: Cross-language approaches to null subjects