Pamela Goryczka

I am a PhD student in Romance linguistics at the University of Vienna. Currently, I am mostly interested in morphology and its interfaces with syntax, phonology and semantics. In my dissertation, I am investigating morphosyntactic deficits in the verbal domain related to Italian speakers with Broca’s aphasia.
My research interests also include syntactic and morphological variation in German varieties. Prior to my current research goals, as a student assistant within the FWF Special Research Programme (SFB) ‘German in Austria. Variation – Contact – Perception', I also worked on adnominal possessive constructions in the context of my Master's thesis.


University of Vienna


Pragmatics is key: A multidimensional analysis of adnominal possession in Austria
Philip Vergeiner, Pamela Goryczka

Panel: Structures of Adnominal Possession in German Varieties – Factors of Variation and Change
Room 2