Call for Participation


The International Conference on Language Variation in Europe
Vienna, Austria | 11-14 April 2022

ICLaVE|11 invites submissions for individual papers, posters, and multimedia presentations.

Scholars working on language variation and change of European languages and varieties in areas such as sociolinguistics, dialectology, historical linguistics, sociology of language, psycholinguistics, language perception, and language psychology are invited to submit their proposals on any relevant aspect of variation in language use and/or the linguistic system.

For all new submission, the deadline is 30 September 2021. Visit our roadmap for all dates concerning the conference.

Submission of all types must include an abstract (for panels: a panel description) in English, of max. 500 words (excluding title and references).

For more information on each submission type, please consult the following webpages:


  • Authors may submit two abstracts in total to the conference, if at least one paper is co-authored.
  • Please submit a featured panel talk only after your panel organizer has already registered and submitted the corresponding panel (you will need to enter the panel title to correctly assign your talk).
  • When submitting a panel, please use the field "Additional Speaker" on the next page only to list co-organizers of the panel. Featured panel contributors must be entered on the page thereafter.
  • Please ignore the indication of "duration" (5 minutes) for posters & multimedia presentations -> both presentations types will be held during a dedicated session.
  • Whenever the text "Diese Eingabe wird √∂ffentlich sein" appears, this is German for "This entry will appear publicly". Please excuse this unfixable quirk in the tool.

The next steps will lead you through the submission process. We look forward to your contribution!

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This Call for Papers closed on 2021-09-30 23:59 (Europe/Vienna).